A case study experience

While working towards my Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (QTTP) credentials, I had an interesting session with one of my case studies (people who volunteer for TT sessions). I worked on this client for 3 months, once a week. At the beginning of the study, we discussed their goals and how we would accomplish them using TT.  One session was very unique with my client. After doing my assessment (feeling for spots of energy that are amiss), I progressed to the modulation phase of the session. Modulation is where energy is re-ordered to create an even flow of energy in the client from head to toe. When my hands reached the right side of the client, a ball of energy shot out of their liver area, hit my hands and knocked me off center. My client opened their eyes and looked at me wondering what happened. I felt a cool spot now and felt that there was an open space in the liver where something left and it needed to be re-filled. I imagined a soft green healing color and envisioned it coming out of my hands and filling the cool spot that I felt. I kept projecting this intention of color until I felt that it was full. I re-assessed the area and it felt warm and had a good flowing feel to it. We continued with our session until it was complete. I asked my client what they felt when the energy came bursting out. They said that they felt something leave their body but it wasn’t painful or anything, just felt a pulling and then it was gone.

TT sessions can be very interesting for the client and the practitioner!

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