TT and golden darts

We’ve all heard the saying: sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me. I beg to differ with this. Words intentionally said to purposely cause harm, actually do harm. Sometimes we can see the result of harmful words on a person’s face or in their body language. Some people are good at hiding the hurt but it takes a toll internally, such as, chest pain or intestinal disorder. Some people will develop a pain in their body but don’t know that it is associated with something a person said to them. I witnessed this during a TT practice group that I attended.

During our practice group, we trade TT sessions with each other. This allows us to be a recipient to TT and gives us the opportunity to experience other practitioner’s techniques.  During this session, the light in the room was dim because of the weather outside and we decided to only use the natural light coming in the windows to allow for a relaxing session. The lady I was exchanging with was experiencing shoulder pain but she didn’t know what it was from. She had been to the doctor about it but a cause was not found. As I was doing my assessment, I noticed these little bits of golden light on her left shoulder. They glinted like metal. I squinted my eyes to see what they were and they looked like little darts. Little gold darts. I tried to reorder the energy in that area but the darts remained. I looked at the back of her shoulder and didn’t see anything. I decided to follow my gut instinct and proceeded to pluck these gold darts out of her shoulder. Once I removed them all, I imagined green colored light coming out of my finger tips and directed the green light to her shoulder area to soothe the little holes left by the darts. I finished her session by energetically brushing her off from head to toe.

After the session, she said her shoulder felt better and she asked what I had found. I told her about seeing the little darts and what I felt they represented: someone tossing hurtful words her way. She got this look on her face that let me know that she knew exactly what I was talking about. A co-worker had been saying mean things to her and others. They tried to ignore them but apparently the co-workers words had hit their mark.

When I am working on a client, I always tell them what I see and feel in case it resonates with them. It may not make sense to me but it may make sense to them, if not during the session, possibly later on after they have thought about it for a while.

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