Something in the air….

Do you smell it? Something different in the air is afoot. Tenseness? Anxiety? Electrified? Distraction? Freedom? Yes, it smells like the precursor to freedom. We seem to be living in crazy times right now but I think maybe it isn’t so much crazy but more like….change is coming. People don’t like change. But maybe that isn’t fully it. I think people don’t like the process of change. I mean, it can be uncomfortable sometimes. Sometimes it is a lot of work. People seem to want to spend their whole life hunkered down in their safe space. Living unchallenged lives, sheltered lives…missing out on so many opportunities.

It appears that we are in a process of great change. Many political happenings, people fighting over race and religious rights, some law enforcement being too aggressive at times…homelessness, addictions…angry people….there seems to be so much ENERGY shooting off of people. It can be hard to stay grounded while being around these people. But do it, you must!

In these chaotic times, do not look at the daily happenings as permanent. Things are in flux and who knows where they will all settle down to in the end. There is no sense in worrying about what you cannot control. You can only control yourself, your reactions and your responses to happenings that come your way. Sit back and observe so you can make an informed decision on whatever you need to decide upon. And then…ride the wave of change. Eventually you will make it to the beach.

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