Stand up for the Human Race

** Here is a link to my article that was posted on elephant journal in case you would like to check out some other good reads posted by some other good humans: **

I heard about what has been happening in Iran a couple days ago. I wondered if anyone that I followed on YouTube was going to say something about it….the following video is the first one I have seen addressing it. These incarcerated people are part of us. They are part of the only race that counts: the human race. They are being punished for speaking up for their rights. The same thing happens here in the U.S., more subtly but, so far, we haven’t been put to death. I read in another article (but for the life of me, I cannot find it again) where the teenage girls who are currently incarcerated who are virgins cannot be put to death because they are “innocents”. So these virgins are being married to the prison guards, raped and then killed the next day. There always seems to be a work-around for evil religious extremists. I hope this video gets the attention it needs to stop bullshit deaths.

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