Energy Enhancement System…first time

On my way to my very first Energy Enhancement System (EES) session, Raven met me at the stop sign. I paused to check traffic and noticed Raven up above, coming from my left. I bid good day to him and turned right. He flew above me at 35 mph until I got the the stop light. When one sees Raven, it means a change, a start of something new, that you are on the right path for you. I took this as a good sign because I did not know what to expect at my EES session. Today is a research day, a day to see and experience what others have talked about and given good testimonials about.
I do not fully understand the way EES works but I liken it to something God designed and some super, intelligent humans constructed it so people could use it to better their health. I’ve not read a bad testimonial as of yet. I am looking forward to posting my testimonial after I have sat with my results for a week or so.
The healing center I went to is called Divine Living Ministries located in Tacoma. It is a PMA (Private Membership Association) and I am pleased by this. Their set-up is very unconventional and un-spa-like. I liked it this way. It was focused on the devices that help your body heal and not all wrapped up in the fancy and frills that usually get added to your costs.
The room sat eight and there were two other ladies already doing their sessions when I got there, so I did not feel un-safe. I would try to explain what the devices looked like but you can look that up yourself. I am going to focus on what I felt and what I walked away with.
About 30 minutes into the session, the right side of my face and jaw started to tingle. I have felt this sensation in the past when two ladies were doing Reiki on me. I felt a tingling where I had a pre-cancerous mole removed. It was like their healing went deeper than the surgery occurred and their healing energy was catching cells that were missed. Anyhow, back to my EES session….I am unaware if I have some rogue cells in my face but maybe I do and this session helped point them in the right direction for healing. I sat in the EES room for two hours. This is a long time of being still that I am not used to. It is different when you can hunker down and take a nap for two hours at home but I was afraid to fall asleep and accidentally go past my two hours. About 1-1/2 hours into the session, my body got really warm and fluffy feeling. My face started to feel like it was floating away…almost like the cells were leaving my face and dispersing to the wind…like I was turning into dust. Once my session was over, I put my shoes on and gathered myself up to leave. On my drive back home, I tried to process what I was feeling. I felt different but was unsure what exactly had changed. I realized my vision was sharper. I felt lighter in my body. It was easier to breathe. The area around my diaphragm felt freer. The space above my naval, about a six inch circle felt empty, cool….I realized that it possibly meant that the area was less inflamed. I have a hiatal hernia in this area and maybe the EES session reduce the inflammation. It makes a bit of sense…freer breathing, feeling of coolness in that spot.
I am excited to see what changes continue to occur as the week goes on. I will do another two hour session in a couple weeks because I want to see if there are additional changes to my health. I will continue my research on this EES modality. I want my opinion on it based upon experience and not based upon others feedback.
I hope you try this EES modality out too. If you do, let me know in a comment how it went for you.

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