Energy Enhancement System – second time

Yesterday was my second time of using the EES treatment. There were more people in the room this time, which is encouraging and a bit sad. Encouraging that people are trying other treatments that are not invasive to the body or require you to take a pill to cover up a symptom. Sad because people are even having to search out these types of modalities. This means that the medical system failed them. Additionally, I’m proud and worried at the same time. Proud that, so far, I’ve seen only women using the treatment…sad that they are having to do so in the first place but also…no men. Why aren’t the men using the treatment?

My reactions to the treatment this time are similar but I feel like I went into the treatment feeling sick to begin with. My body got too cold the day before, which usually, makes me feel achy and displaying cold symptoms. Running nose, achy body…still very cold. The rain and traffic did not help me be relaxed when I arrived either. But…I felt tingling around my left eye today…some tingling on my face and the coolness in my solar plexus. This leads me to believe that this treatment is getting rid of my inflammation that seems to be in my body most of the time. I know that I need to make some food changes to keep these results working but…habits die hard. I feel that, if I could have some anti-inflammatory teas already made up and in the fridge and have plenty of cooling herbs and fruit at my finger tips…I’d have something to grab rather than craving the sugar. Purging the cupboards would help because there are plenty of things that are in there that are not helpful to my body and none of it my husband touches anyway…so a good pantry and cupboard purge would help. Additionally, after using the EES, one is supposed to take pink salt bathes…not Epsom salt bathes…Epsom salts are not even salts….but using pink Himalayan sea salt help pull the toxins out of your body.

I will be using the EES again in a couple weeks. No, insurance does not cover the cost but sometimes we just have to step up to the plate and care about ourselves more than the Sick Care system that is forced upon us.

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