Becoming a writer

How does one become a writer? Anyone can become a writer…getting published is another matter. As with most things in life, becoming a writer requires work…finding time to write each day…figuring out what to write about…is it interesting to others? I write a lot for my job…most times I have no desire to come home and write a blog piece…most times, I don’t have time to write. It is much easier for me to correspond with people through email….I love email conversations…I love answering people’s questions…sometimes, I send an email to my daughter just so I have someone to “talk” to….most times she never answers. Which is the same thing that happens on my blog….no one leaves comments or asks questions. I guess that is okay though…I’m mostly blogging to heal myself. This website seems to be morphing into a journal. I have many things to say but am having trouble putting them into words. I shall figure it out though. Eventually.

Next month I retire from my current job. A good paying job…I was asked by a co-worker what I was going to do once I retire…if I was going to find another job…I’m thinking…if I wanted to work, I’d stay where I am at because the pay is like no other. Even though I will have to be careful with my retirement income, I want to be able to volunteer someplace. Someplace that deals with the homeless or animals or visiting people who get no visitors…I want to be of help to someone. That is what I like to do in life…help people. I am hoping this blog site will help others someday.

Someday I would also like to make videos on Vimeo and post them here….there is so much to see on this planet and so much to talk about. Maybe one day I can do some interviews and post them here. I’m sure that are plenty of people who have something to say but their voice has been stifled over the years. Maybe I can help them feel heard.

Do you feel heard? Do people listen to what you say or do you feel like they are just waiting for you to stop talking so they can go on a different tangent and make it all about themselves? I think our planet is lacking in listeners….it’s a good skill to have…

Hmmm…this post was to be about becoming a writer….maybe I have just turned it into becoming a blatherer…..

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