Energy Enhancement System – Third time

I visited the EES center a third time. More to fix what I screwed up than anything else. You see, these visits…they have actually been helping me…helping my small intestine reduce the inflammation, which in turn, helps my hiatal hernia. Now, I am figuring out what I am doing incorrectly…why the pain comes back and it is all my fault. In order to maintain the anti-inflammatory effects of the EES, I need to change my daily habits. I need to eat smaller portions. I need to quit Starbuck’s completely, I need to follow an anti-inflammatory diet until I am fully healed. Maybe the habit of eating only whole foods will stick and I won’t have to worry about much of anything ever again. Well, old age but that would be a good thing to worry about. I am working towards healing myself…getting over the hump of eating processed foods is not hard for me but I do love to taste certain food items, like the Starbuck’s Pink Drink.

This visit…I once again felt the coolness, the feeling of more room in my intestines. Free-er breathing. It feels so good! I feel like my whole body is smaller…de-puffed. I felt the usual tingles in my face and at my hairline. I tried to focus on emptying my mind but…it was hard…there was a young girl there using the system….it was warm in the room but this girl was bundled like she was ready to hit the slopes. I was fascinated with all of the clothing she had on…hoodie, fur ruff hooded puffy coat, scarf…a padded and fuzzy eye covering…gloves, fuzzy socks, slippers…I was kinda warm and sweaty…she looked like she was headed to Antarctica.

I use the EES room for two hours. Some people are in the room for four hours or more. I have trouble being immobile for two hours…I highly doubt I could sit there for four. Reading other users testimonials implies that, the longer you are in there, the better the results. Does EES fix everything? I do not know. I know that it helps most people and if you never try it, you will never know if it can help you. I am a firm believer on trying things out for yourself. To not try all things available to you in your search for healing really does short-change yourself. If you base all of your opinions on somene elses view, your belief is weak..not yours…not based upon any truth. To go in with pre-conceived results is short-changing yourself too…have no expectations…after using it, take notice of things that are different. That is what you are looking for: changes. I hope that everyone who reads this tries the EES for at least, three two-hour sessions. I would love to hear waht you felt during and after the sessions.

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