It’s a new day…

…every day. You can start over every day. Just because you feel that you failed at something doesn’t mean you can’t try harder the next day. If you fail the next day, then try harder the next day. Remember this: There is no failure, only feedback. Each day is a new page in your book of life. You are the one who is writing it. YOU get to choose the words, the tone, the length….it’s all about YOU and YOUR experiences while living your current incarnation. You were given this life incarnation with the blessing of Free Will.

How do you exercise your free will? Do you allow others to tell you what to do? How to do it? Listen to what others have to say but listen to your gut for what your response, if you even need to give a response, should be. Free will is a hot commodity. There are some people who don’t want you to have free will. Keep it safe. Don’t let anyone take it away from you. Some people will try to guilt you into listening to them. Your free will will help you make decisions that are right for YOU. Sometimes you must make hard decisions in order to keep your free will. Sometimes your free will will tell you to agree with whatever you are faced…and that is okay. YOU made the choice. One thing you need to remember though….EVERYONE is blessed with free will. This means you, yourself, do not have the right to force another to agree with your own decisions. Your religious choice, your health choices, your sexual preference….they are YOUR choices…and they do not have to be the same ones anyone else chooses. Nor do others choices need to have your agreement.

If you choose to eat a certain way due to a religious path…so be it. No one else has to choose your path or way of eating. Why? Because they have been blessed with free will. If your choices of sexual partners are not the same as anyone else’s…so what? You do you. They don’t have to agree with you. Why? Because they have free will. For some reason, many people in this world feel that everyone has to accept you AND agree with your decisions. Actually, that is incorrect. They do not HAVE to accept you and they do not HAVE to agree with you. Why? Because they have free will.

But remember, there is a price for exercising your free will. Sometimes you have to give up something to have keep your free will. Many people on this planet gave up their job because they were forced to have a medical procedure they did not agree with. They exercised their free will and walked away rather than have the medical procedure. Some people said they had no choice but to have the medical procedure. That is not true. They CHOSE to keep their current job and income by having that medical procedure. It was their choice. They could have made the choice to not get it…yes, they would have lost their income and home but….that is the funny thing about free will…sometimes the choice to exercise our free will is hard and we lose things.

You may feel that I have strayed from the point I was making at the beginning of this post…but I haven’t. What I am trying to convey to YOU is: You NEVER fail anyone but yourself. You fail when you do not honor your free will. This is why you need to try harder the next day. If someone is trying to tell you that you failed…did you? Or did you not agree to their opinion? See? They have free will to their opinion and you have free will to agree with them but….if you do not agree with what they are saying, then you did not fail. And failure is only temporary because tomorrow is a new day. A new start. And we all have free will to make the choices we want each and every day.

Tomorrow is a new day. Exercise your free will. If you are not happy with your choices….make better ones tomorrow. You will not fail if you keep trying.

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