Blow the dark clouds away…

my dear
breathe in the sunshine.
tilt your head back
blow them away.
the dark clouds are there
only because they are jealous.
they want you to feel
like they do.
they want to bring you down
to their level.
but…don’t fall for it.
you have the sun
and the moon
to help you.
you are made
of stardust…
which is something that…
cannot be destroyed.
close your eyes,
place your palms up,
breathe in…
think of something that
brings you much
this is most important…
think of JOY…
Yes….there is something that
brings you JOY…
a color
a flower
a pet
one…just ONE…
of your relatives
or a friend
it is there…
I know it is!
Find that one
kernel…of JOY.
Hold that feeling of JOY
in your chest…
breathe it in…
a crystal wand…
pointing down towards your head
feel more JOY
swirling out of the wand
down around your body
all the way
to your feet.
breathe in the JOY
feel it swirling around you
warming your skin
pull this feeling of JOY
into your heart.
is where it must rest.
nestle it there…
this JOY.
keep it there
don’t let anyone
take it from you…
it is
You can recall this JOY
anytime you need it.
Use it
blow the dark clouds

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