Sometimes we get stuck…

and we don’t even know it. We go through the daily motions of life and seem to miss the fact that they are the same motions…day in and day out. This can be comforting most times…not having to think about anything…just get up and repeat the day, every day. I’ve done this…I still do this a lot…less, now that I do not have to be at a work place Monday through Friday and some weekends. I have been in a type of job that is very left brain oriented for over 30 years. That is not a bad thing but I have weakened the right side of my brain and it is time to get it stronger. I have been away from many things that I enjoyed doing because of my job or the belief system that it was my responsibility to take care of others. I realize now that I short-changed a lot of people from their life learning experiences by helping them have an easier life.

I was fortunate enough yesterday to talk to a friend whom I have never talked to in person before. Her name is Faith. She has many of the same interests as I. During our conversation, she brought to light many things that may have had an impact on how I think or perceive things. She brought to light some things I have never even thought about. By the time we hung up, I had had many ah ha moments. I think it is good to talk to people who are not in your close-knit circle because they can see things from a different perspective.

As I said, she has some of the same interests as mine and I needed help in finding another way of doing something. I have had training to do my task but I was failing to accomplish it, so I thought…maybe there is another way of doing it. Come to find out, I didn’t need a new way to do something, I was seeing it from a left brain way (masculine) and not my right brain (feminine). Faith helped point this out to me. She pointed out many other things too and I feel like…I have a new lease on my life. She gave me new words to use and homefun (she hates the word homework…no one likes homework). I have already started the homefun. I really needed the push in the right direction. I hope now, once I accomplish this feminine strengthening and re-focus, I will be able to do my task well and proficiently (oops…that sounds waaaay too masculine)…I will be able to help people who need the help and do it well enough that they will benefit from my guidance.

Do you have anything in your life that you feel stuck in? Maybe talking to someone who is not part of your family, friends or tribe will benefit you. If you listen to your gut when you meet someone, you will find the one who will be able to help you on your next path in life.

Sha-La-Ma-Loke, my friends

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