Aromatherapy Consultation

Aromatherapy is the use of botanical essential oils to support the body in healing the mind, body and spirit. Each essential oil has a unique chemical make-up which gives it therapeutic properties. Using aromatherapy can provide emotional support to allow your body to heal on its own terms. Healing does not necessarily mean cure though.

You and I work together to create a blend of essential oils that alleviate the issue you come to me with. The delivery of the oils will be in the form of a product that can be rubbed on the skin, dispersed in a room diffuser or inhaled through the nasal passages. Each blend is customized to you and your unique situation. In creating this blend, I take into account your goal for seeking aromatherapy, medicines you may be taking, previous or current health issues/injuries, your preference to certain aromas, any allergies you may have. Some medicines will have contraindications to certain essential oils. Being truthful on your Intake Form is a must!

Once we have a plan, I research what oils I feel will accomplish your goal and I create your product. It typically takes me 1 – 2 days to do my research and make your blend. I can arrange to meet you (if you live locally) or mail it to you. I will follow up in a few days to make sure you’re seeing the results we expect.

The fee includes email and phone support for that issue. The charge for oil blends varies widely depending on the form the remedy takes – roller bottle, solid stick, nasal inhaler, bath salts, 15 m bottle – and also the oils involved. Some oils cost as little as $.04 per drop while some are more than $5 per drop. Usually whatever I end up making for you costs between $15 – $75 for a 10 ml roller bottle, $5 – $10 for an inhaler, and $15 – $30 for a 15 ml bottle of an oil blend. Due to each product and blend being customized to you, returns/refunds are not an option.


Personal Aromatherapy Consultation  60 minutes……………………….$65
1 hour personal consultation includes thorough exploration of your needs, goals and customized plan. Afterward, I create your personal aromatherapy blend(s) which you receive in approximately 1 week along with written information about your blend(s).

Follow-up Personal Aromatherapy Consultation  30 minutes……………………….$35
30 minute follow-up to continue your aromatic wellness plan.


Intake forms are located under the Services offered tab, under Aromatherapy.