Love Wins project

The Love Wins project came about as I was creating some small 4 x 4 inch canvases to display as accents to peoples homes. As I looked through my stock of canvases, I realized that I sorta went overboard when ordering them. As I started pouring the backgrounds, I decided to use molding paste to create hearts in the center of the small canvas. I painted each heart differently, so no two canvases are alike. As I created them, I thought about all the people who do not believe in love anymore, for whatever reason, and thought that it would be fun to hand these tiny pieces of art out randomly. I hope to make some people happy…maybe even make a few of them re-think their view on love. In the end, love will always win.

It turns out, trying to give away items is not as easy at it used to be. I met many palms turned towards me in an attempt to not be sold anything. It was hard to convince people I was giving away something for free. Lots of people are not trusting of anyone walking up to them. Some people said they had enough “stuff”, which was a disappointing reaction to me. The first thing that should have crossed these people’s minds was: Who can I give this to? But it wasn’t. It was all about THEM. Since starting this endeavor, I’ve been able to give away many of them but I still have many left to give away. I may have to find another purpose for these small hearts. At least it was an interesting experiment for me to do. Maybe the world will evolve over time to where everyone will understand that LOVE WILL WIN IN THE END.