…and then…they were gone…

I have noticed recently that my tribe circle is growing smaller. I guess you could say that it is getting smaller but I like the growing smaller version better. I say this because…even though the circle is getting smaller…it is getting tighter and more refined. I do not feel that it is being reduced in quality but getting better. I feel that those who have the same knowing system that I do are showing up more in my life. Many people have a belief system but as we grow older in life, we gain knowledge that is true to us and the path WE are on in this lifetime…which allows those who are on a different path to fall to the wayside. Those who have fallen to the wayside are still available to talk to but…the conversation has changed over the years. The topics are different…more broad and less defined…more like “Crazy weather we are having, eh?” conversation vice in depth subjects on how to better ourselves and what we need to learn in the current life path. I have noticed as my circle has grown smaller…the ones who are left feel like they have lived many lives and do not consider themselves as following a religious sect. I like this about them. I like how I can toss an esoteric subject into the air and they have something thought provoking to say about it. Gone are the days of explaining to someone what I am talking about…I speak and my tribe just…knows. No longer do I sit and ponder why something happened or did not happen. I never selfishly think….why me? if something not so great happens in my life. Instead I take a look and notice if anything about the situation looks familiar in case I am repeating habits that are not beneficial to my path forward. I spend more time waiting than acting. I no longer get impatient because I know whatever happens will happen when it is time. Sometimes…something never happens…and that is fine too. I do not have the desire to spend my time analyzing situations and people…trying to make them conform to my way of thinking…or concerned as to why they did or did not do something…they are who they are in this lifetime and they have the right to behave and act however they feel the need. If they break a societal law or agreement…then the upholders of the Law can handle it…I accept that it is not my job to make someone be a better human. Maybe in the next life, tables will turn and they will be a kinder, gentler human to the Mother and her inhabitants. I always hope others will be the best versions of themselves but the attempt to bully someone into my way of thinking may shortchange them on a learning experience.  I hope you wake each day and embrace whatever comes your way. Be strong or weak…be whatever you need to be for that moment in time. Take advantage of doors that open to you and do not weep for very long at those that close. It is your life path you are walking on and no one else’s. May it be beautiful, may it be scary, may it be bittersweet…may it be whatever you need at the moment.

Sha-La-Ma-Loke, my friend

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